If you’ve ridden dirt bikes for awhile, know the ropes, and want to create a bad-ass community of women dirt-bikers, this is for you. It’s an opportunity to meet other babes who love the same kind of riding you do, and to show the new gals the ropes of dirt-biking. It will take some work, but it will be well worth it. The life long friendships we have formed, and the memories we have made from meeting other rides through The Litas has changed all of our lives.

This is a chance for you to bring women together, create a sence community, and have one hell of a time. It's a safe place for experienced riders and new riders to feel comfortable and valued.



We aren't modeled after traditional motorcycle groups, so being a founder doesn't necessarily put you in a position of power, it's more of a "organizer" or "leadership" type role. You will be planning one women's only event per month. This is pretty easy, if you're organized. Things you can do include going for rides, going to the track, having a maintenance class at a local motorcycle shop, weekend campouts, meet and greets at a local coffee shop, etc.

You do need to have two women to start a group of The Litas Dirt. This is the part where as founders, you get to be creative! Ask the girls who are joining you what they think would be a fun meet up, and have everyone contribute.

Another requirement is that you run an Instagram account. The is so local gals can find your group and to help build a presence for women in your motorcycle community. 



Last but not least, as a leader of a branch, you must be willing to welcome with open arms all women, from all walks of life. This is the most important part of being a founder and having your own branch of The Litas Dirt. We are a fully inclusive group of women who are dedicated to bringing each other up and never putting each other down.


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