Because riding dirt is more fun with babes and we could all use more fun in our lives. Whether you’re experienced, inexperienced, young, old, ride a 20 year old Honda or a brand new KTM, we’re here to ride, meet other badass women, and get a little dirty. Riding with others can improve everyones skill levels and push one another to reach new heights, literally.




There are no requirements to join The Litas Dirt except that you are 18+ years old, ride a dirt bike, and identify as a woman. There are no membership fees, ever.




You can expect to met other women just-like-you, even if they don’t sound or look like you, they’ll share the same passion for riding that you do. Founders will plan various meet ups and events. Be sure to ask your founder if that meet up is right for you based on your skill level.


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